7 Top Tips for Fresh Breath

Summertime is the period in the year when people are often out the most socialising with friends and at  parties, barbeques and weddings.  One of the biggest factors that can ruin a good night out is the quality of your breath.  However, the good news is that as quickly as bad breath (halitosis) can have a negative effect, there are a number of simple ways to combat it.  Try some of these simple measures to make sure people are focused on what you’re saying rather than the smell coming out of your mouth.

1) Keep Hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day encourages saliva production, and is your mouth’s natural defense against the germs that cause bad breath. Drinking water would at help a huge amount, not to mention the multitude of other great things being well-hydrated does for your body.  It is generally advised to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.  Try and stick to plain still water as fizzy water is acidic and can cause damage to the teeth and many flavoured waters contain sugar.

2) Flossing

This one is simple, and everyone knows it’s important. But it’s the first thing we stop doing after a thorough cleaning at the dentist. The only real way to stick with flossing is to make it easy. You can do this simply by having your floss in plain sight, so each time you visit the bathroom, it will register in your mind that you’ve got to floss. Don’t put it in a cupboard, have it on a shelf or on the sink. Ideally get in the habit of flossing on a daily basis.

3) Replace your toothbrush at least every three months

If you’re not replacing your toothbrush every few months you’re robbing your oral health care routine of the best tool available.  An old toothbrush doesn’t clean as well and it will prevent you being able  to remove plaque and food debris from your teeth. Both attract and generate bacteria that cause bad breath, so throw out the old and bring in the new.

4) Mouthwash

Use of a mouthwash once a day along with brushing and flossing can help to reduce the bacteria in the mouth and give a fresher taste and feeling. There are certain mouthwashes such as Ultradex which are specifically designed to combat bad breath.

5) Use a tongue scraper

There are many versions of scrapers on the market, and they’re very cheap. Find one you like and use it every morning. Even after what you think is a thorough clean with your toothbrush, you’ll be amazed how much debris a tongue scraper removes from your tongue. Less debris and bacteria means fresher breath. Try it!

6) Chewing Gum

The chewing up gum encourages saliva flow which keeps your mouth more hydrated.  Ensure that the gum you chew is sugar free and if it contains xylitol it can help to prevent dental decay.

7) Hygienist Visits

Ensure that you arrange regular visits with your dental hygienist in order to assist in maintaining a healthy mouth by cleaning away all the hard deposits and advising you on the best ways to maintain your mouth.

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