Should Mouthguards Be Worn For Sports?

Mouthguards, sportguards, gum shields or whatever you choose to call them, have one sole purpose and that’s to protect your teeth and mouth from damage. Monday 3rd September marked the first International Mouthguard Day, to coincide with children returning to school for the new year.

My son Kyle ready with his mouthguard for the first day of school

We recommend wearing a mouthguard for any type of contact sports.

31% of dental emergency trauma cases are admitted to hospital for sports injuries*

Watch for advice on why a mouthguard should be worn and advice on choosing the right one for you and your family.

You have the option of buying a simple standard fitting guard in a chemist or sports shop or to have a custom-made guard by a dentist, which costs more but has a number of benefits compared with over the counter ones.

Give us a call on 020 88884401 quoting offer code “MOUTHGUARD” and book in before 30th September 2018 for 25% off a custom made guard.

*(Cranio-maxillofacial trauma: a 10 year review of 9,543 cases with 21,067 injuries: Robert Gassner 1, 2, Tarkan Tuli1, Oliver Hächl1, Ansgar Rudisch3 and Hanno Ulmer4)